Bachelor of Evangelicalism and Planting New Churches

Bachelor of Evangelicalism and Planting New Churches
Elisey Pronin
Program Leader for Evangelism and Planting New Churches
If we are to see the spread and growth of the Kingdom of God, we need to focus on evangelism and start planting new churches. Love the church and become a disciple!

Vision of programs

The formation of leaders whose ministry is saturated with evangelism and who actively proclaim the gospel and establish new churches


This program is designed to prepare dedicated and effective ministers for the organization of new churches that will be able to plant other churches

Program`s goals

    • Educate students in the basics of theology, focusing on the study of missiology and building biblical study skills
    • Provide students with knowledge of practical evangelism and the formation of new churches
    • Assist students in planting new churches through involvement with partners and local churches
    • Become a permanent resource for students that they can access under any circumstances


Program features

    • Personal mentoring
    • Particular focus on evangelism and missionary teaching and mentoring
    • Practical sessions with experienced teachers
    • Comprehensive and full support of missionaries and and church planters


Conditions of entry

    • To be a born again Christian, baptized by faith, that is a member of the evangelical church
    • Serve in a local church
    • Have a desire to share the gospel and help plant new churches
    • Submit all necessary documents on time


1 year
  • Discipleship (Yelisey Pronin)
  • Spiritual Leader Formation (Oleksadr Savych)


2 year
  • Development and ministry of small groups (Sergey Moroz)
  • Teamwork and strategy in apostle Paul’s ministry (Dan Upchurch)


3 year
  • Strategy of church development and foundation (Vadym Lysenko)
  • Leadership and its development in church (Randy Marshall)


4 year
  • Healthy Church
  • Evangelism and Formation of Theological Strategy


“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

2 Timothy 2:2