Church Ministries Development Program

Church Ministries Development Program
David Karcha
Head of the Church Ministries Development Program
“Brother, if you are not indifferent to the development of your local church and your heart burns with love for God and your neighbor, then we are waiting for you! Love the church and become a disciple!”

Vision of programs

To help Evangelical churches in Ukraine and abroad, to get healthier in order to reach more people for Christ.

Program`s goals

    • To increase the understanding of the Bible;
    • To develop and improve the ministry skills of church members

Program features

    • Opportunity to study at the most convenient time and place
    • Suitable for people with special needs
    • Learning from experienced professors
    • Improving the current ministry
    • Growing in personal knowledge of the Lord
    • Caring supervision by facilitators and mentors during the course
    • Improving organizational skills
    • Saving time and travel expenses
    • Great opportunity to join for foreign students

Conditions of entry

    • Being a faithful, baptized member of a local Christian church
    • Having a desire to serve in a local church and receiving the blessing of church leadership for teaching
    • Submitting the documents required for entry on time
    • Age: 17 years and up
    • Gender: males


1 year
  • Spiritual formation
  • Theology 1
  • Hermeneutics
  • Introduction to Development of Church Ministry
  • Welfare of the Church


2 year
  • The Old Testament Review
  • The New Testament Review
  • The Biblical theology
  • The Strategic planning in the church
  • The Church worship