Growth and development of the local church

Growth and development of the local church
Ден Апчерч
– керівник програми
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Vision of programs

Developing leaders with the necessary character, knowledge and skills; able to teach and develop healthy growing churches by training and mentoring of others.


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Program`s goals

    To equip training leaders …

    • Capable of thinking (reasoning), living (character), and serving biblically (skills), at every turn trusting the Lord in achieving the results (faith, hope).
    • Proficient with their skills in teaching, evangelism, mentoring and strategic planning
    • Determined to instruct and teach others in their local church.
    • Able to lead their local churches to spiritual health, growth in numbers and active in planting new communities.

Program features

    • This is a 3-year master’s program consisting of 70 academic credits designed specifically to fill the unique needs of Ukrainian leaders.
    • The program consists of twelve subjects, taught over a period of three years (4 training sessions per year).
    • Students will be required to read at least 600 pages of books, articles, etc. in preparation for each training session.
    • Every student will be required to write a 10-page paper (double-spaced, 12 Times New Roman font) on the suggested topic. Students should submit a full draft of their paper no later than Friday midnight before the week of the training session, in order to get admission to the training session.
    • Students should make an oral presentation of their paper during the week of training session and receive feedback from both their colleagues / classmates and the professor (s).
    • The student should review their paper and submit its final version no later than one week after the last day of classes. This is the only paper required to turn in after the training session is over.
    • During the third year, in addition to the twelve subjects, each student will be required to design, write, and fulfil an educational project in their local church in one of the following areas: evangelism, training or strategic planning.
    • Every student will be assigned a mentor out of the UBTS staff and, in turn, will have to be a mentor for 2-3 people in their local church over the three years of training on the program.
    • In addition to the training elements mentioned above, students will have the opportunity to take part in a retreat camp during the second year of training, as well as a two-week visit to an American church or churches during the third year of training.

Conditions of entry

    • Each group (recruitment) will have no more than 15-20 students.
    • The entrant should have at least a bachelor’s degree in theology and should be a recognized leader in his local church.
    • The entrant should fill out an online form with personal information.
    • The entrant should find three people, who will provide online recommendations for him / her. One person should provide a character assessment. Another person should witness about the entrant’s ministry for at least a year. The third person should assess the student’s potential, being a representative of UBTS or another seminary where the entrant has obtained his /her bachelor’s degree.
    • The entrant should upload to the academic office a short 8-10-minute video, describing the coming to faith with the Lord, understanding of ones gifts and calling, explaining the past and present ministry experience, and the motivation to study on the program.
    • An additional personal online interview with the entrant will be appointed, in case questions raised after receiving the materials mentioned above.
    • The entrant should be ready to pay 125 usd per each training session. A limited number of scholarships is also available for students with significant financial needs.

      Make sure you have collected all the necessary documents before completing the questionnaire. The entry process is impossible without them.

1 year
  1. Introduction to the “Growth and Development of the Local Church” course
  2. Organizational leadership in the local church
  3. Efficient Communication for Christian Leaders
  4. Mentoring at the local church
2 year
  1. Maintaining spiritual health in ministry
  2. Improving the level of education in the local church
  3. Efficient evangelism through the local church
  4. Financial management in life and ministry
3 year
  1. Biblical ecclesiology in modern terms
  2. Building effective strategies for the development of the church in the Orthodox / Catholic context
  3. Worship and prayer in the local church
  4. Leadership Lessons from the history of Ukrainian Baptist Church
4 year
  1. Additional elements
  2. Mentoring workshop
  3. Camp for married couples (students and their spouses)
  4. A two-week visit to churches in the United States
  5. Diploma project “Practical mentoring”

So the churches were strengthened in the faith and grew daily in numbers. (Acts 16:5)

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. (2 Tim. 2:2)