Young Leaders Development Program

Young Leaders Development Program
Yaroslav Stashchak
Head of the Young Leaders Development Program
“You’re young; You’re motivated; You don’t wanna live your life in vain? Discover your calling, unleash your potential, shape your Biblical values and be of service in the Kingdom of God. YLDP is here to help you get there! Take the challenge. Come on in! Waiting for you!”

Vision of programs

Young people discovering their calling and the will of God for their lives and ministry, developing their leadership skills and potential, actively involved in the ministry of local church congregations.


We want to help young people to establish a solid foundation out of the proper values, and target their potential and gifts to ministries in the local churches.

Program`s goals

    • To infect students with BMW values (Biblical, Missional, Accountable);
    • To help students understand their calling;
    • To help students identify and develop their spiritual gifts and potential;
    • To help students develop a theological worldview;
    • To help students understand the importance of the church and to become the church people;
    • To form a Biblical character and servant leadership values in every student;
    • To help students settle their lives and relationships with God, to establish a solid foundation for life and ministry;
    • To help local churches baptize more people through the influence and ministry of our students.

Program features

    • We provide personal mentoring throughout the years of schooling to help students understand and affirm their calling, to recognize of and unleash their potential as the young ministers;
    • We deepen the understanding of the Word of God through quality and thorough theological training;
    • We work with young students in three areas: Community, Theological Literacy, Personality Development;
    • We pick high-quality professors, and offer specialization, aimed at the development of young people
    • In addition to the in-class courses, once a year we conduct a camp for all groups of YLDP students, where we teach specialized content on methods of development the ministry. Several sessions are held off the main campus.
    • We motivate the capable and willing to study students to further their education on one of the UBTS bachelor programs

Conditions of entry

    • Be a born again baptized member of the church for at least one year.
    • Be aged 18-27.
    • To perform or seek to perform service in the local church.
    • Have a recommendation from a pastor of a local church
1 year
  • Spiritual formation
  • Theology 1
  • Hermeneutics
  • Leadership
  • Church health